Online Marketing Support & Management

Just call us the Swiss Army knife of outsourced marketing solutions.

E-mail Marketing

You may think that with social media storming the gates, e-mail is the unwanted guest of marketing. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Over 75% of digital users prefer to receive marketing from their favourite companies through e-mail – after giving their permission of course. Over 90% of e-mail users check their accounts every day. After the speed and noise of social media, e-mail is a calm and focused way to catch up on your daily news.

The great thing about using the right e-mail marketing tool is that it’s completely measurable – allowing you to deliver a finely tuned and results driven marketing campaign.

Targeted audiences, increased brand awareness, strong, clear and visual messages – all you need is quality content.
Our e-mail marketing support provides everything you need to deliver professional HTML e-mails.

Elements of this package include:

  • Content Writing
  • Monthly campaigns
  • HTML template design
  • Topic Brainstorming
  • Database Management
  • Monthly Conference Call
  • Monthly Report (available to all levels of support)

Website Management

You’ve got an impressive website – your shop front for the world to see. Now it’s time to build your audience.

Our website management options keep your content crisp – fresh wording and blog posts when you need them – and your news noteworthy. We’ll update your pictures, take down last year’s offers and generally make sure the face you present isn’t showing any signs of ageing.

It’s not just what visitors see that counts, though. We update your platform, manage your hosting and domain, and review your SEO. Our management packages keeps the engine running – all you have to do stay with us for the journey.

Elements of this support include:

  • Website updates
  • Upload blog posts
  • Add events & photos
  • Website Support
  • Hosting & Domain
  • Upload Portfolio work
  • Post Offers

Social Media Management

Marketing in the digital world takes time – a valuable commodity in a small or medium sized business. Social media is all about making connections, interacting, building networks and sharing content – quality content.

Our team don’t just understand social media – we love it. Researching the right topic for your Facebook status, sourcing images for your Instagram account or engaging with your audience on Twitter – it’s not a job, it’s a passion.

Our aim isn’t just to grow your audience though – unless that’s what you want – it’s to target the right audience. What’s better for your business, 10 window shoppers or 1 big sale?

We work side by side with you. Yes, you too are a vital tool in the social media box – after all, no one knows your business better. Together we have a regular brainstorming session to plan the month’s social media strategy, with detailed analytics to understand exactly where your preferred customers are and how they respond.

We don’t just talk about the way forward, we make it happen.

Elements of this package can include:

  • Facebook Management
  • Twitter Management
  • Instagram Management
  • Linkedin Management
  • Snapchat Management
  • Pinterest Management
  • Facebook Advert Management

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)? Everyone talks about it, but do you really need it?

The short answer is yes. SEO is a way of tuning your website for optimum performance in the search engine rankings.

We calibrate your keywords, harmonise your meta data and evaluate your analytics. We’ll ensure your broken links are connecting and your outgoing links are top quality. We enhance the SEO power of your site until it emits the rumbling purr of a high performance engine.
We’ll offer you Pay Per Click advertising – but only if we think it’s the right fuel for the job.

Simply put, we ensure that your website isn’t just in the race, it’s edging into pole position.

Each of our SEO packages provides a clear, jargon-free report so that you can understand what we’ve done and, most importantly, see the results. We even offer a Money Back Guarantee, so you can have the same confidence we do that you’ll see business growth and increased website traffic.

Elements of this package include:

  • Keyword Optimisation
  • Sitemap Submission
  • Meta data review
  • Inbound & Outbound Linking
  • On page HTML optimisation
  • In depth competitor analysis
  • Monthly Report