I have to admit when disappearing social media was launched with SnapChat I wasn’t convinced it was going to good for Business Marketing. But in my How to use Snapchat to promote your business blog post I learnt that it had it’s place and real potential.

Now in 2018, is Snapchat dead? Quite possibly, Instagram (owned by Facebook) has seen a big increase in users especially the younger audiences 35 and under. But traditionally it was for pretty pictures, photos of your food and photoshoped selfies. But with Instagram stories are showing real potential, they are portrait photos which disappear after 24 hours and can only been seen by your followers.

Links for Influencers

Currently you can’t put a link into your Instagram photo, unlike Twitter, Facebook and the others, so the only way to drive traffic to your website is to put the link in your bio and say “link in Bio”. However, if you have 10,000+ followers (basically a celebrity or influencer) you can put a link in your Instagram story allowing people to swipe up. At time of writing June 2018 this is the case, a few months ago you had to have 1 million+ followers so it won’t be long before this is the norm.

Tell a story (kinda the point)

With multiple posts you can tell a story, as the photos auto scroll you can take followers step by step though an event, promotion or something which is happening right now, because it’s disappears you can do exclusive offers or behind the scenes content.

No longer perfection

Now that Instagram Stories is no longer your photo album of perfect images you’re not expected to spend ages editing your photos, so you can show the real you or the real side of your business. This means your updates can be more real time, I’ve seen this done well with live interviews and updates.


Instagram stories adverts can be annoying to the user but they are very well targeted and only going to get bigger, I will do a separate blog on this topic as they improve the user experience.


One of the layers you can put onto your Instagram story is polls, getting people to vote for new products or styles, a great way to get your audience involved in your social media.

Filters & Tags

Don’t forget to mention and hashtag within your stories it still has value and is a great way to get people’s attention. Using tags such a location is very effective to get your story seen by more people in your area, combine with hashtags and other layers for a bit more creativity.

Save into Highlights

You can now save your stories to highlights on your feed so they last forever. You can categorise and create groups of highlights for specific topics.

Top tip: Link Tree, https://linktr.ee as I mentioned you have to have over 10,000 followers to link your stories. So for the rest of us use Link Tree to include 1 link in your bio which links to multiple links which you can use as part of your Instagram bio.