I’ve been asked this question a few times recently and it’s clear Facebook are subtly changing the way they are doing things. But the Follow and Like of a person or page has been around for sometime. However I am seeing people getting clever and organising their news feed and making use of these tools.

Liking a Page

When an individual likes your page on Facebook, they automatically opt into following your page. This means that your posts will be seen in their feed and you will be listed in their ‘liked’ directory. It’s important to know that users can unfollow your page after liking your page, which means they won’t see your content very often. If you have a lot of likes but less followers think about the quality of your likes this means they aren’t interested in your updates are but aren’t committed to unlike.

Following a Business Page

Facebook users have the option to follow a page without hitting the like button. These types of followers will still see your posts in their newsfeed, but they won’t be considered a like on your page. I have seen this more often where some pages have more followers then likes.

Unfollowing a person

If you don’t feel comfortable befriending somebody, you can just unfollow that person, this is the same thing as liking a page and unfollowing it. Remember that person can still see your posts even if you don’t receive theirs on your newsfeed.

See First Following

Individuals can switch their settings to have your posts appear first in their newsfeed when they are on Facebook. This setting will override the Facebook algorithm and prioritise your content.

Notifications On Following

Users can choose to receive notifications every time you post content on your page, ensuring they never miss an update. This feature has even more specific settings, allowing followers to choose what type of update will warrant a notification. There’s an option to be notified when you post, when you’re hosting an event and when you’re live streaming. Or they can choose to be notified every time there’s activity on your page.

Unfortunately you cannot control this one as a page owner, so you can’t force people to see your update first or get notifications but encouraging your followers to do this is recommended.

This graphic here shows, that I could unfollow Neil. Snooze Neil for 30 days or turn on notifications to alert me each time Neil posts. This is exactly the same for a page or groups, just click on the 3 dots to the top right of each post.