For the singletons I am sorry to say Valentines is back, for the couples I am sorry to say, Valentines is back!

Like it or loath it, 180 Million Valentines cards will be sent! But as a business we can use this season to adjust our social media marketing to engage with our audience and attract attention.

Here are 10 top tips to use Valentines in your social media marketing:

1. Add Valentine-themed images 

Like a heart or roses. It’s a creative and simple way to entertain customers without interrupting your branding to much.


2.      Share cute statistics

Leading up to the holiday for example, 52% of men propose on Valentine’s Day, and 53% of women will dump their boyfriends if they don’t get a gift!.


3.      Share unusual and unique gift ideas.

Get ideas from Pinterest and from Google Search.


4. Start a Valentine Hashtag 

Hashtags are a great way to promote any business on social media. You can easily track how many people are tweeting, Facebooking, Pinteresting or Instagramming about your campaign based on who’s using the hashtag. Pick something that’s singular to your company. For example, #OnlineToolboxLove.


5. Host a Pinterest Contest

Pinterest contests are working well at the moment, they get people involved with your brand at a more personal level, increasing their knowledge and appreciation for your products. You can plan a Valentine’s Day-themed competition in many different ways.


6. Reward your customers

Increase loyalty points or rewards for purchases when customers purchase specific products or services in February. Extend a special offer such as a free or reduced-price add on, gift with purchase or another incentive to your best customers or loyalty reward members. Send a Valentine to your most loyal customers over their preferred social media.


7. Love your logo

Why not decorate your logo in the month of February? It can be the smallest heart symbol or even something more extravagant like a logo redesign for the month of February, make this your profile picture, but don’t forget to change it back afterwards!


8. Reward a Story

Ask people to write real life stories about love and announce a reward for the winning story. Publish the top stories on your website and share them on you social media.


9. Offer Something Different 

Many people are tired of receiving chocolates, hearts and teddy bears as Valentine’s Day gifts. Think of something new. How about bungee jumping for daring couples or a gaming competition for geek couples?


10. Start a “Share the Love” promotion

On Facebook or Twitter use an image or graphic with a quote about love, and asking Fans to click “Share” to “Share the Love.” If you want a business angle, use a quote about customer service.